Our Offerings

CreditAI enables partners with innovative credit & loan products along with market access and
implementation strategies to engage with their customers using technology and presence of
extensive ground network. CAI helps customers scale through rural markets with focus on agri

  • CreditAI’s enables unbanked and underserved farmers to buy inputs and transact cash-less and stay on-course with their cultivation activities without having to borrow loans from money lenders at higher interest rates.
  • Along with offering innovative products, the CreditAI technology platform enables
    merchants/input sellers to use our platform for revenue generation and manage business

Our Primary Customer

Public Sector and Private Banks, NBFCs, Micro-Finance Institutions & Credit Co-Operative Societies.

CreditAI offers platform for Financial Institutions (FIs) to lend ‘Cashless’ using ‘Digital Tools’ to farmers through Institutional collaborations. Banks and FIs use CAI dashboards to monitor loan usage, transaction of farmers at the input shops, track the purchases, transactions and repayment cycles.

‘CAI Loan Management System (CLMS)’ provides access to FIs to monitor loans and transactions of the customers. This is a very unique and most important feature that CAI offers to lenders.

Our Secondary Customers:

Public Sector and Private Banks, NBFCs, Micro-Finance Institutions & Credit Co-Operative Societies.

CreditAI, through its ‘CAI Merchant App’ &; ‘CAI Store Management System’ helps Agri Input
selling Merchants manage their member base, avail digital loan facilities to farmer members, digitise their input sale business and monitor transactions of their associated farmer members.

‘CAI Agent App’ helps CBOs to on-board new members and manage their data related to loan
applications with respective banks. Mange all documentation related to Farmers such as Personal Data, Land records, Crop info and Purchase of inputs and related transactions.

Primary Markets and Segment:
Farmer Producer Companies, Cooperative Societies, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Joint Liability.

To Community Based Organisations (CBOs):
CAI offers technology platform to Community Based Organisations (CBOs) such as, Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), NGOs, Co-operative Societies, Animal Husbandry & Diary focused institutions, Self-help Groups, Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) & informal farmer organisations to digitise, organise, monitor and transact with their members and provide financial intervention in a closed network ecosystem.