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Technology Services

CAI Merchant App enables Community Based Organisations to manage the member base, on-board members / customers on to a single system, manage stores and sales, monitor transactions of the farmer member all on one single platform.

Currently, the CreditAI Merchant App is used by: Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), Cooperative Societies, NGOs, Self Help Groups and Joint Liability Groups (Agri Input Sales), Private Retail Stores and Agri inputs Dealers.

CAI Agent App is a mobile for all merchants and CAI agents to on-board farmers on to CreditAI digital platform. This is a farmer profile creation tool that captures, KYC, crop details, land details and credit viability of the farmer.

CAI Farmer app enables the farmer to create his own profile and apply for digital loans with partner financial institutions of CreditAI. Farmer is able to avail loans, monitor his / her spend, repay and enhance his / her credit profile.

Farmer Credit Score

We collect ground level / primary data of farmer, land, crop to create a farmer digital profile. Over the layer of the primary profile, CreditAI adds the secondary information layer that includes – KYC of the farmer, weather data, inputs purchase data from the input shops, income statements, agronomic survey data, loans and liabilities list, lifestyle-related demographics, credit history from the secondary source. This put together gives us ‘Farmer Credit Score’

This scoring model could help increase the scale and scope of lending to small holder farmers, and augment existing value chain finance programs. Digital lending expands the horizons of financial Inclusion and reach the unbanked and Underbanked segments of small holder farmers.