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CreditAI Pte Ltd (CAI), is a Singapore & Bangalore based farmer digitisation and credit scoring company. CAI uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology to generate dynamic credit score of farmers. CAI understands the diverse, dynamic, multicultural and tradition of agriculture in INDIA and focuses mainly on creating ‘digital farmer profiles’ to help Financial Institutions, input suppliers, produce buyers, government & other stake holders to identify and transact with credible set of farmers, mainly – small and marginal land holders.

CAI offers credible data and platform for all stakeholders to work with farmers an institutional way. It is in-deed essential to create an ‘identity’ for farmers to empower them to transact digitally.


To create financially sustainable and digitally enabled farming communities


Do better – for our farmers, farming community, our company and our employees

Cultural Values

We focus on the following to achieve our mission:

  • conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and ethics
  • respect and value our farmers and employees who are the backbone of our success
  • seek innovation constantly to serve our customers better
  • provide an innovative, entrepreneurial environment that empowers great ideas
  • maintain a responsible corporate governance that delivers value for our shareholders.

Farmer Score

What we do

It is our aim to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable, empower and equip small holder farmers with Digital Tools to ‘transact cash-less’. In the process of digital transformation – the farmer accesses low cost credit, avails discounted inputs in time, follows best practices, scientific methods & package of practices for cultivation in addition he / she earns reasonable profits & sustainable income.

Farmer adapting all these systematic methods, becomes a credible data point to work with. Financial Institutions, Input Manufacturers & Suppliers, Traders, Produce Buyers and Technology providers recognises the farmers as potential business partners to collaborate. This leads to a ‘Digitally Enabled & Evolved Agri Eco-system’.

Farmer Credit Score

We collect ground level / primary data of farmer, land, crop to create a farmer digital profile. Over the layer of the primary profile, CreditAI adds the secondary information layer that includes – KYC of the farmer, weather data, inputs purchase data from the input shops, income statements, agronomic survey data, loans and liabilities list, lifestyle-related demographics, credit history from the secondary source. This put together gives us ‘Farmer Credit Score’

This scoring model could help increase the scale and scope of lending to small holder farmers, and augment existing value chain finance programs. Digital lending expands the horizons of financial Inclusion and reach the unbanked and Underbanked segments of small holder farmers.

Offerings to FPOs

CAI offers digital solutions to community based organisations (CBOs) such as Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), agriculture & dairy focused cooperatives and informal organisation structures to organise and digitise their day-to-day operations and business. CAI, through its FPO ERP Solution, helps FPCs manage their member base, avail digital loan facilities to farmer members, digitise their input sale business and aggregate the produce of members. CAI also helps aggregate demand of inputs and creates a predictive business scenario for the FPCs to manage their business portfolio efficiently.

We connect financial institutions to the portfolio of credible farmer’s base at the FPOs with a digital ‘Credit Score’.

Financial Institutions

CreditAI offers platform for Financial Institutions (FIs) to lend ‘Cashless’ using ‘Digital Wallet’ based lending to farmers through FPOs. FIs could use CreditAI dashboards to monitor loan usage, transaction of farmers at the input shops, track the purchase of inputs, and repayment cycles.

Our Team

Sangram Nayaka

Founder & CEO
Agriculture, Marketing, Finance Expert
MBA (Karnataka University, India)

Fairuz Rehim

12+ Years of Experience in Development, IT Strategy and Architecture
MS – University of Nottingham

Shivarudrappa M C

Advisory FPO Relations
40+ Years of Experience with Community Based Organization with Agriculture project Implementation

M.A – Sociology and Management.

Sreerekha (1)

Sreerekha Raveendranathan

Project Manager - Tech
20+ Years of Experience in Setting Up Processes, Managing Operations and Leadership
Postgraduate in Management

Shubham Khushlani

Head – Operations
Finance, E-Commerce, FMCG, Logistics

MBA (Sikkim Manipal University, India)

Chandrakanth Kalaghatagi

Head FPO Relations
FPC Communication, Sourcing Procurement, Finance

B.COM -Finance

Dhanraj Patil

Regional Manager
Community Development and Management, FPO Management

Dip Comp Science (APTech, India)

Prakash Parthasarathy

Office Assistant
Business Administration and Execution

PUC (Bangalore University, India)

Tejaswini C

4 Years of Experience in Banking and Financial Products.

M.Sc in Mathematics.

Anand C Nandi

Accounts, Finance corporate Advisor, and ROC compliance expert.

Bachelor of Commerce and ICSI

Prof Athula Ginige

Advisor- Strategy and Technology
Big Data and Data Science, Mobile and Web System Development, Digital Agriculture

PhD (University of Cambridge, UK), BSc (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)

Dr Tamara Ginige

Advisory- Digital Products
Systems Design, Predictive Modelling, Data Analytics, Mobile and Web Application Development
PhD and MSc (Australia), BSc (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)

Krish Datta

Entrepreneur, Mentor and Investor
Zibew E-Commerce Pvt Ltd, Xampr - Innovation on the edge, Lyk2buy - Singapore

SAP and BackOffice Associates (now known as Suyniti),
Expert in Data Migration and governance solutions, Data Science and Data Analytics

Mahesh Rathod

Corporate Strategist and an accomplished FDI
15 years of experience in multiple Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion agencies. International business development specialist.

Technology Partner

Wallet & Payments Partner


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